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He says the referendum result is the "worst thing that could happen in the history of Britain". "Now everything is going แฟชั่น ชุด ราตรี to be way over the top. We're going to have to pay back through the nose. "It's very upsetting. "Lambeth became cosmopolitan and that is one of the reasons [it voted to remain]. "The issue is immigration, and this why they [the UK] opted out but in three or four months' time they will realise the mistake they've made." Image caption Rebecca Manners (left) and Olivia ชุด เด รส เพื่อนเจ้าสาว Snowball are concerned about the impact of Brexit on London Midwives Olivia Snowball and Rebecca Manners were concerned about the impact of the vote on London. "I'm really gutted that we've left," said Ms Snowball. "Having spoken to all of my friends and seeing what my friends on Facebook and Twitter were saying, it just seemed to be overwhelmingly that we would stay but obviously that's not what everyone else thought." Ms Manners said: "Absolutely gutted that we voted out. "I think there's definitely going to be a drop in the housing market throughout London, which some people will say is a positive thing. "But I think that the immediate effects will be quite negative and again, especially within the NHS, I think we are going to see big changes throughout there as well." Image caption Italian Camilla Cabasso was not eligible to vote in the European referendum Italian Camilla Cabasso expects Britain to experience an immediate and a long-term change for the worse. She was not eligible to vote, but when I asked her what she thought of the referendum result she shrugged her shoulders and sighed.