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You could score a discount for choosing a less popular ชุดเพื่อนเจ้าสาวชุดไทย month, such as January or February, Chertoff says. 4. Book a Sunday Saturday is a popular day for weddings, but it'salso generally the most expensive day to get married. Youcan likely reserve your venue at a lower price if you hold your wedding on a Sunday, or even a weeknight. The guests 5. Put a twist on 'plus one' etiquette Instead of giving all guests older than 18 a "plus one," limit them to couples you socialize with regularly, says Sharon Naylor, author of dozens of wedding books, including "1,001 Ways to Save Money ... and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding." To avoid awkward questions, explain how you're determining the guest list. 6. Mix up your invitations You'll probably want to mail out traditional invitations, says Stephanie Cain, an editorat The Knot. But you can post wedding weekend itineraries on your wedding website and ชุดไปงานแต่ง ราคาถูก email save-the-date alerts.

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