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That woman led detectives to a home at 338 Aloha Drive, where police served a search warrant and arrested three women who tried to escape out the back. "One of them admitted that she had come here within the past week from China, came in through the SFO airport and came to San Leandro with the intent of engaging in prostitution," McManus said. The raid also recovered $1,500 in cash that police suspect is from illegal prostituion. San Jose State Water Polo Player Accused of Sexual Assaults Neighbors said ever since the tenants moved into the house in August, they knew something wasn't right. So they called the police. "It's a quiet neighborhood so we're not used to a lot of activity at night," Estela Castillo said. Report Cites Bias by San Francisco Police But that's exactly what Castillo saw at her neighbor's house, "a lot of gentlemen, a lot of male pursuers. At first we thought maybe it was a drug issue." A photograph from police shows a house with little furniture inside but plenty of personal items. Each room was equipped with a small mattress, some towels, a small night stand, condoms, sex lubricant and suitcases filled with women's lingerie, McManus said. Daylong Standoff With Burglary Suspect Ends Peacefully Police said the house has been red-tagged, meaning no one can live there because of several code violations.

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But while some schools select on ranked test scores alone, others use a range of criteria to decide which pupils to admit once they have passed the test. Oversubscribed schools may prioritise particular postcodes, siblings of children already at the school, religious faiths and other criteria - including past or present eligibility for free school meals. The BBC analysed the admissions policy of all 163 English state grammar schools for the school year starting September 2017, or if unchanged for the year 2016-17. In 21 schools, a quota of children currently or previously eligible for free school meals are admitted separately from other applicants. A further 31 schools put such children top of their oversubscription criteria: the method for deciding whom to admit if there are more eligible pupils than places. Putting children from lower income families at the top of the oversubscription criteria can result in higher numbers than a simple quota. The Skinners' School in Kent has a quota but only sets aside five places specifically for children entitled to free school meals. Ninety schools give no priority for past or present free school meals eligibility, and 21 give a lower priority in their oversubscription criteria or use it as a potential tie-breaker for the last place in the school. Northern Ireland's 66 grammar schools tend not to prioritise pupils on free school meals, but they are more socially inclusive anyway, with a higher proportion of pupils from poorer backgrounds. Why focus on free school meals?