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The United Nations had just received permission from the Syrian government to deliver aid to all besieged areas in the country, Laerke said. All parties, including Russia and the United States, had been notified about the cleared convoy heading to rebel-held eastern Aleppo. "Yesterday's attack is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and it is unacceptable," Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in a statement. "Failing to protect humanitarian workers and structures might have serious repercussions on ongoing humanitarian work in the country, hence depriving millions of people of aid essential to their survival." CONVOYS STALLED Aid convoys for four Syrian towns will be postponed as staff reassess security after the deadly attack on relief trucks and intensified violence, a senior ICRC official said earlier. "This is very worrying. We see a resumption of violence, an intensification of fighting in many locations," Robert Mardini, ICRC director for the Middle East and North Africa, told Reuters in Geneva. "We had something planned in the four towns, but for now it is put on hold to reassess the security conditions," he said, referring to rebel-besieged Foua and Kefraya in Idlib and government-blockaded Madaya and Zabadani near the Lebanese border. At least 18 of 31 trucks in a U.N. and Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) convoy were hit on Monday along with an SARC warehouse.

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A great client support staff is normally always now there at your beck and contact to solve your problems and worries about on the web retail. When on the web purchasing in the Philippine, Express Regalo's operations are backed by limbs worldwide and by an

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unsurpassed network of Airposts and getting channels in the Philippines, covering practically every town and municipality of the country. So in moist or windy climate, road shops suffer and purchasing center and online shops perform better business.Appear online for your children's bedroom light fixtures and home appliances and you'll discover premier suppliers providing a large selection for kids. Thanks to the never-ending list of brands and developer brands, shopping for university or college clothing offers become an incredibly challenging job. The company, which began working 24-hour stores 20 years back, said 76 out of its 400 24-hour shops would end up being affected by the modification. Large and small companies make use of on-line websites to frequently order their paper items, you can even established up an account where the order is normally automated, just give them your information and buying list one period and leave the rest to them. But some time the client will become financially responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to the on-line merchant.The four-day purchasing burst open will help established the firmness for the rest of the season, signaling to merchants whether they need to drop prices or modification offers.

As the name suggests, it tracks the progress the government is making - or not - in achieving the promises made by the Conservatives in their 2015 general election manifesto and major policy announcements. The traffic light scorecard above shows the current status of all of the policies. The tracker will be updated over the course of this parliament. The tracker has been broken down into policy areas, which can be explored by clicking on each of the links below. Manifesto tracker by theme This section deals with immigration. IMMIGRATION Image copyright Reuters Maintain the level of skilled economic migration from outside the EU at 20,700 during the next Parliament - Manifesto, page 30 Cap is currently in place Keep our ambition of delivering annual net migration in the tens of thousands, not the hundreds of thousands - Manifesto, page 29 Figures from the Office for National Statistics put net migration at 327,000 for the 12 months to March 2016 The government says the vote to leave the EU offers the opportunity to deliver the the target Extend "Deport first, appeal later" rule to all immigration appeals and judicial reviews, including where a so-called right to family life is involved, apart from asylum claims - Manifesto, page 30 Included in the Immigration Act which received Royal Assent in May 2016 Image copyright AFP/Getty Images EU migrants who want to claim tax credits and child benefit must live here and contribute to our country for a minimum of four years - Manifesto, page 30 As part of the EU reform package agreed before the EU referendum, the UK would have been able to limit in-work benefits for EU migrants during their first four years in the UK. EU migrants would initially have been completely excluded from claiming in-work benefits but access to such benefits would have been gradually increased to take account of the growing connection of the worker with the labour market. This would have been applied as an "emergency brake" and would have had to end after seven years The referendum vote to leave the EU means this reform package won't be introduced. The government says this commitment has been overtaken by the EU referendum result, that the details are currently under consideration and will be influenced by the outcome of the EU exit negotiations Introduce a new residency requirement for social housing, so that EU migrants cannot even be considered for a council house unless they have been living in an area for at least four years - Manifesto, page 30 The EU reform package did not mention changes to social housing or a residency test for EU migrants The government says this commitment has been overtaken by the EU referendum result, that the details are currently under consideration and will be influenced by the outcome of the EU exit negotiations If an EU migrant's child is living abroad, then they should receive no child benefit or child tax credit - Manifesto, page 30 As part of the EU reform package agreed before the EU referendum, child benefit payments would have been linked to the cost of living in the countries where the children lived The government says this commitment has been overtaken by the EU referendum result, that the details are currently under consideration and will be influenced by the outcome of the EU exit negotiations End the ability of EU jobseekers to claim any job-seeking benefits at all - Manifesto, page 30 Newly arrived migrants are banned from claiming Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) for the first three months

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after they arrive but are then able to claim JSA for three months. EU migrant workers in the UK who lose their job, through no fault of their own, are entitled to the same benefits as UK citizens, including JSA and housing benefit, for six months The government says this will be influenced by the outcome of the EU exit negotiations Image copyright Getty Images If [EU] jobseekers have not found a job within six months, they will be required to leave the UK - Manifesto, page 30 Measures limiting EEA nationals' right to reside as a jobseeker to six months and enabling removal of EEA nationals for abuses, including those not exercising Treaty rights, were introduced in January 2014. Official statistics show the UK has removed over 6,800 EU nationals between January 2014 and December 2015 but it is unclear how many of these were removed because they did not have a job The government says this commitment has been overtaken by the EU referendum result, that the details are currently under consideration and will be influenced by the outcome of the EU exit negotiations Toughen requirements for non-EU spouses to join EU citizens, including with an income threshold and English language test - Manifesto, page 30 An income threshold and English language test requirements are now in place for non-EU spouses wishing to join EU citizens Implement the requirement for all landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants - Manifesto, page 30 This change was included in the Immigration Act 2014.