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A. The lightbulb moment was, I saw this quote — ‘Socks were the most requested (clothing) item for the homeless.’ And then I saw what Toms was doing and Warby Parker just launched. This one-for-one thing is super-interesting and people seem to really resonate with it. I thought maybe we can do this for socks, donating socks as part of the business. But in order to donate our socks, we have to sell a lot of socks, so what is going to be our edge? We looked at the landscape. And took a business school mentality to figuring out where the o


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I ran out of lip balm early on and before making a decision about whether lip balm constituted a need, I looked in my desk drawers and coat pockets. I found five lip balms. Once I started digging around under the bathroom sink I realized I could probably run this experiment for three more years before using up all the lotion, soap and dental floss. It turns out I hadn’t thrown away the hair products and face creams I’d bought over the years and didn’t like; I’d just tossed them all under the sink. In March I wished I had a Fitbit, the new


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Shes falling down in distress, Campos said of the scarecrow, whos stationed at the Pinedorado Grounds. Clueless Clem and Bossy the Cow by Christine Fischer A month after retired teacher Christine Chris Fischer moved to Cambria, she took a workshop sponsored by the Cambria Scarecrow Festival. I wanted a way to meet people and I wanted a way to get involved in the community, said Fischer, who left Visalia for the Central Coast in 2014. The avid sewer and crafter also relished the opportunity for artistic expression. Last fall, Fischers scarecrow Turn on Your Heartlight a remarkably lifelike