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Follingstad had lived in the rent-controlled, two-bedroom Bocana Street apartment for 11 years before her landlord, Nadia Lama, informed her by letter of the staggering rent hike. Lama obtained the property through inheritance. Related Stories North Beach tenant's rent increased from $1,800 to $8,000 a month "By raising the rent 400 percent and demanding a five-figure security deposit, the landlord is effectively evicting this tenant," Supervisor David Campos, who represents Bernal Heights, said at the time. Follingstad sued Lama in August 2015. She and her laywer, Joe Tobener, accused Lama of trying to circumvent a city ordinance that requires reimbursement for tenants displaced in an "owner move-in" eviction. Tobener announced Tuesday that Lama had settled for a whopping $400,000 "the highest constructive-eviction-by-rent-increase case we've ever had." The attorney told KQED the high settlement amount reflected both what he called Lama's "egregious" behavior in raising the rent and the risk Lama ran in allowing the case to go to trial, where a jury could award triple damages for his client's emotional distress claims. The jury trial had been scheduled to begin next week. Ending a six-year boom in the rental market Media: Fortune Follingstad's story took a twist in 2015 when commenters on news sites revealed that she was renting a room in her apartment on Airbnb, and some accused her of exploiting the situation. At the time, Denise Leadbetter, the attorney representing Lama, told SFGate in a statement that the rent hike actually provided an opportunity to Follingstad.

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